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Let's build the future.

Ixian is a brand new concept,
combining Law, Engineering & Management.

Located in the special economic zone of Prospera, on the Caribbean island of Roatan, and operating with a worldwide network of builders and pioneers in multiple jurisdictions, Ixian is the go-to firm for decentralized, Web3, AI, biotech, special economic zones (SEZ), and other innovative projects. We share your values and out-of-the-box thinking.


Christian Betancourt

Web3 Start-ups, Business Law and Finance, Próspera ZEDE Expert

Christian has over 11 years of experience in Corporate and Commercial Law, Banking and Financial Law, Law & Economics, and Dispute Resolution. He has advised businesses and organizations in regulation compliance and diverse corporate and commercial matters, mostly financial institutions, TMT companies, biotech enterprises, and special jurisdictions. A Honduran attorney, he has post graduate studies in Legal and Financial Technology from George Washington University.


Co-founder at Seshat Bank, he has been part of the development of the financial jurisdiction in Próspera ZEDE, Honduras.

He also has a background as a public policy consultant, having collaborated with several think-tanks, including Fundación Eléutera and Fundación para la Libertad Económica.  He's been developing experience in legal engineering. He participates in ocean restoration whenever he can, scuba diving every other weekend.


Kyle MacLean Smith

Web3 Start-ups, Legal Manager & Engineering

A core contributor to The LexDAO Legal Engineering Guild, Kyle heads the business development and founded LexClinic, the apprenticeship DAO within the Lex+ family training the next generation of legal engineers and crypto-lawyers with on-the-job experience. He is also one of the co-founders of LexBlock, which is a world-class consultation and project management solution for legal engineering, spun out of LexDAO to meet critical but unaddressed demand.


Kyle has a background in enterprise music rights management, and is an avid polymath, focusing on scaling the legal engineering profession via scientific & mathematical rigor, automation & disintermediation, and code-is-law.

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Ramona Tudorancea

Web3 Start-ups, Tokenization & Investment Funds

From an international career in M&A, corporate finance, securitization and the investment funds industry, Ramona is currently focusing on several Cayman and BVI blockchain projects and tokenization solutions. Qualified in the US, UK (and territories) and the EU, she is bringing her multi-jurisdictional expertise to benefit Web3.


Ramona founded JupiterBlock as part of Cayman Enterprise City (CEC), and also co-founded Provenance, a digital assets compliance firm currently operating in Cayman, BVI, South Africa and Ireland. 


A self-proclaimed research geek with a love for design and systems thinking, Ramona loves to share her knowledge and help start-ups and founders, and is constantly seeking ways to bridge the gap between creators/creatives and the business world.

Finding attorneys and consultants with the necessary legal and engineering skills and able to navigate complex international scenarios can be a hassle. We got you.

Let's work together.

Speak soon!

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